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Scariest Horror Movie Killer? 2013-01-29
In math class, we have to make up a survey question and ask at least 50 people what their answer ...
James Bond villains 2013-02-14
I was going to do a standard James Bond poll (favorite movie, favorite Bond, etc.) but there's al...
2016 Methane Movie Awards Nominating Ballot 2015-12-28 (closed)
Another year has come and gone and now it is time to choose which movies are the worst of the pas...
James Bond 1998-12-09
Come on in and let everyone know who 'does it better'!
Star Wars vs. Star Trek 1999-02-23
Which is more loved, Star Wars or Star Trek?
Rocky Horror Picture Show 2000-09-26
I dont feel like writing much, so just answer the questions. Thanks...love your cows.
Ultimate Horror Movie Poll 2001-03-02
Love scary movies? Then you'll love this poll!
Vote for the most beautiful actress 2001-10-24
Tell me who's the biggest head turner.
Mega-horror movie poll 2001-10-25
Monsters... Maniacs... Mayhem... Blood... Screaming damsels in distress... And bizarre death scen...
Best Stanley Kubrick Film 2001-11-17
Stanley Kubrick is arguably the best, and certainly one of the most noted directors ever. His di...
Best Western 2001-12-31
best westerns
battle of horror 2002-01-14
just a poll, that is a little more interesting
Movie Theater Opinion Poll 2002-03-11
This poll contains questions about about movie theaters.
The Star Wars Poll 2002-05-23
OK, so go on this new star wars poll!
Movies Based On Comic Books 2002-07-01
A whole mess of movies have been made about and based on comic book characters. What are the bes...
DownLoad v.s. Theater 2002-07-07
This is a poll to prove my friend wrong. lol. good reason huh.
Horror Poll 2002-07-31
This is a poll about the scariest people ever to appear on film. What is your thought on this sub...
Whats your favorite Monroe movie? 2002-08-06
Oh some would say they're all good, but there's sure to be a fan favorite among them.
YES!!! Another Lord of the Rings poll to get you thinking! 2002-09-25
Yes, yes, I know. How many LOTR polls can you have? Well, just bear with me and fill it out, k?!!
Favorite character in Willy Wonka? 2002-11-22
Agustus...he's gonna fall in.
*Harry Potter* 2002-12-03
Yo!This is for Harry Potter fans!!!
Favourite James Bond Movie 2002-12-16
Vote Here for your favourite James Bond film!
What is your favourite Bond film? 2003-02-09
Now the latest Bond film Casino Royale has been released please let us - the Dutch James Bond fan...
Movie Poll 2003-03-25
Do you like movies? Then we want your opinion on the movie poll!
Stand By Me 2003-05-07
favorite boy?