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the great battles 2006-10-09
Who will win the following battles?
Jaws Vs Halloween 2007-03-06
Wich Is Better?
Who was James Bond when you were born? 2007-07-28
I was born in the Timothy Dalton era, that is 1986, the year before The Living Daylights. And he ...
Why did he wet himself 2009-03-25
I just watched dances with wolves, and saw the scene where the major points out that he has wet h...
Euro horror films 2011-01-01
Euro horror films
Doctor Who VS Back to the Future 2011-05-28
Two famous time travelling shows/movies go head to head.But which is better?
What is your favorite SAW movie? 2011-07-09
I absolutely love the SAW series, and its hard to choose a favorite. I know most people say the f...
Westerns 2012-07-18
Favourite western Movies and tv shows
Best Movie Ever Tournament Round 1 2012-09-04
Which movie is better?
Best Movie Ever Tournament Round 2 2012-11-07
Which movie is better?
PG-13 for Non-Stop Ninja Action? 2013-09-09
<img src="http://m.iphotoscrap.com/Image/218/1323500041.jpg" width="100%" ...
Harry Potter-who's ur favorite character 2015-06-01
Harry Potter-who's ur favorite character
let random poll begin 2015-11-19
let random poll begin
Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban 2001-12-04
If you're a Harry Potter fan, what did you think of book #3?
Christmas Movies 2001-12-08
Favorite holiday movies
Disney Movies 2002-02-06
I just wanted to see what the favorites were!(p.s. click "talk about this poll" and pos...
Favorite Indiana Jones Movie 2002-03-11
Please choose your favorite Indiana Jones movie.
The Best In "Star Wars" 2002-05-23
Pick which is either the best or your favorite in each of the categories.
Scariest Movie Ever!!!!!!!!!! 2002-10-17
this pole is about what u think is the scariest movie ever!
What Makes A Movie "Good" To You? 2002-10-17
This is a survey conducted by a fellow film lover and aspiring director and screenplay writer. Pl...
Lord Of The Rings Vs Harry Potter 2003-01-14
So far, with both Movies releasing 2 parts, which has proven to be better? Lord Of The Rings, Or ...
Scarface v. Godfather 2003-01-27
This is a poll to answer the age-old question: which movie is better Scarface or the Godfather? ...
2002 Blasko Awards - Sci Fi Fantasy Horror Oscars 2003-02-01
This is the continuing yearly awards for the best in science fiction, fantasy and horror films. Y...
Who is the hottest Angel from Full Throttle 2003-08-28
Is Cameron, Drew, Lucy, or Demi the hottest angel in Charlie's Angels.
Harry Potter 2003-09-20
Please answer the questions and then tell me what you think.