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Mighty Ducks 2003-05-07
favorite player?
What did you think of the Hulk (the 2003 movie)? 2003-07-08
Dear movie goer, As a fan of the Bill Bixby tv series in the late seventies, I am very curious...
Scary Movie!....or Not so scary? 2003-07-16
This poll is just to figure out what you, the perticipant thinks is actually scary and what is not.
Hottest Guy on Harry Potter 2003-07-25
Who is the hottest guy on Harry Potter??!!
Which is your FAVORITE scary movie? 2003-07-25
scary movies
War Films 2003-08-10
What is the best war film of all time?
The BEST Movie Series of all Time 2003-09-29
The best of the best
Which matrix movie is the best? 2003-11-11
Vote on your favorite movie in the matrix trilogy.
Star Wars Beauty 2004-02-23
Cast your vote for the babe of the universe
The best of the boogeymen 2004-03-09
This poll is a series of questions about slasher movie icons.
Best Director Of All Time 2004-04-20
This is a poll about the greatest directors of all time, if i forgot someone please let me know.
Favorite Movies From Each Celebrity 2004-07-20
Your Favorite Movie From Each One Of These Celebrities
A Harry Potter Poll 2004-08-05
A Poll Regarding Harry Potter
WHOSE YOUR FAV.???? 2004-08-13
What is the Best Movie Genre? 2004-08-16
What Type Of Movie Genre Do You Like?
Best Movie of the 1970's 2004-09-10
I will name the movies from 1970 till 1979 that have won best picture at the Academy Awards and y...
Star Wars Poll 2004-09-19
Use The Force...
Horror Movie Showdown 2004-10-26
This is the final showdown with all of the horror film charactors!
Favorite Zombie Film 2004-11-16
"They're coming to get you, Barbara!"
Orlando and co-stars 2004-12-08
Why do u really watch the orlando bloom films???
Holy Comicbook Movie Poll!!! 2005-01-14
Comicbook movies - love 'em or hate 'em, they're gonna be around for a while. Which do you like?
My Top Ten 2005-02-04
This i my top ten of some various things
the writers survey 2005-03-16
the aim of this poll is to find out how the internet has changed the process of writing -where it...
Movie: A League Of Their Own 2005-03-21
There's been great debate over the years whether Dottie dropped the ball on purpose during her co...
SEXUAL FILMS 2005-03-23
This poll/survey is about Sexual Films.