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Star Wars 2007-02-11
Who would win?
Your Picks For 2006's Real Best Movies 2007-02-17
What seven movies Should be up for consideration for Best Picture, among 2006 theatrical releases...
James Bond best and worst 2007-02-22
Answer the following questions to decide that age old question, what is the best and worst james ...
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Trilogy 2007-08-08
As of now, the Pirates of the Caribbean movie trilogy is now complete. This poll is for everyone ...
High School Musical 1 & 2 vs. Grease (just 1) 2007-10-07
This is a comparison between the high school musicals and Grease 1
order of the star wars movies 2007-11-09
what is the best order to watch the star wars movies
Movie Viewing 2007-12-04
Just a poll to see the manner in which folks like to view their movies.
Disney Characters 2008-01-10
I want to know everyone's opinion on Disney characters.
Which of these is your favourite Villain? 2008-03-16
Which of these is your favourite Villain? (Check all you like/fear the most.)
Favourite Disney Princess 2008-07-22
Favourite Disney Princess
Disney catfights rd 1 2008-07-30
Jessica Rabbit is confident, aerial is stronger than she looks, and the upset nani is aiming to t...
Teen Girl movie scenes (girls only) 2009-02-15
Auditioning in scary movie
Star Wars fights 2009-03-28
Who would win in a fight?
Who is the best Actress of alltime in Hollywood 2009-06-25
Who is the best Actress of alltime in Hollywood. I think it is Katharine Hepburn, what do you say...
Favorite movie 2009-07-07
I will give you a list of movies and you tell which is your favorite if you say other leave a mes...
SW vs LotR vs HP 231 2009-07-10
A poll about the similarities between Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings. There i...
Who is the best actress 2010-03-10
Who would you pick as the best actress, a actress who would and has been able to cover many chara...
The Godzilla Poll 2010-06-20
In this poll you can say your favorite godzilla movie, character, or video game.
Actors/Actresses 2010-09-18
choose your favorite actors and actresses and feel free to email me at apollo92796@ymail.com with...
Best Hollywood Movie Ever 2011-03-26
Vote for your favourite Hollywood movie of all time, and see if other people agree with you. Also...
harry potter 2011-06-04
harry potter
Best Christopher Nolan film? 2012-06-11
Best Christopher Nolan film?
Disney Movies 2012-07-12
Check the disney movies you've seen.
Did Batman Die in the Dark knight Rises 2012-10-01
Many discuss this topic so i wanted to know what did you guys think.
Best Avenger films 2012-10-26
This will be about The Avengers. If you haven't seen any of the avenger movies, I suggest you go ...