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The films of Stanley Kubrick 2014-09-12
Stanley Kubrick is one of the greatest directors of all time. Some have their favourite Kubrick f...
Sharknado Movies 2016-05-31
How do you feel about the Sharknado Series of Movies
Star Wars: Who shot first? 2022-03-14
Star Wars: Who shot first?
Bond, James Bond 2002-11-22
Favorite Bond movies, villians, actors and more!
Elijah Wood vs Orlando Bloom 2003-01-14
Which 1?
2001 Blasko Awards - Sci Fi Fantasy Horror Oscars 2003-02-14
This is the 2001 Blasko Awards celebrating the best in science fiction, fantasy and horror cinema
Best Actress Oscars 2003-02-20
How would you have voted if you could have? These are the original Academy Award nominees for Bes...
Disney Princesses 2005-07-14
Who is your favorite Disney princess?
hottest Teen Titans poll ever 2005-08-03
hello , i am Prima Lawfie. This is my Teen Titans poll. What do you think of my poll? If you have...
Harry Potter: Pick your ship!!! 2006-02-02
Harry Potter love teams or shippers rather have been all over potter sites!! arguing about who's ...
Ultimate 007 Poll 2007-04-24
If you are a James Bond fan you will enjoy this poll. Rate your best and worst of Bond over the y...
A Clockwork Orange vs Straw Dogs 2008-04-09
Two controversial films released in 1971. Both were criticised for their extreme violence particu...
Lion King Movies 2008-06-16
A poll about.... *take a guess*............ You guessed it! (I hope)
Which Disney Princess is the best? 2009-03-28
Out of the original Six Disney Princesses: -Snow White -Cinderella -Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) ...
best horror movies of the 70's, 80's, 90's, and 2000's 2009-08-03
plz come vote in this pole! it's awesome
Sexiest Jungle Girl 2011-03-26
Sexiest Jungle Girl
Heroes and Villains 2012-04-17
The age old question has been around since comic books were invented: Who's cooler: Heroes or Vil...
Favorite Disney Princess 2012-10-26
Just wanted to know who was every bodies favorite fictional princess.
Best 2012 Movies 2013-11-12
This poll is about successful 2012 movies, please choose wisely.
Crying at the Movies. 2003-12-08
Do you cry in the movies? ((Please suggest a few more tearjerkers for me to incude in the &quo...
Should 13-Year Olds Be allowed to watch Rated R Movies? 2004-03-08
My poll is asking people if 13 year-olds should be allowed to watch R-Rated films.
Mean Girls movie poll 2004-05-24
Please answer the questions below. Thank you!
Indiana Jones - Elsa 2004-05-24
A poll revolving around the most beautiful of the Indiana Jones girls.
Harry Potter - The Prisoner Of Azkaban Movie Poll 2004-08-12
A poll to gather opinions about the new Harry Potter Movie: The Prisoner Of Azkaban from the fans...
If you were in a horror movie, would you live or die? 2004-11-13
Would you rather live or die if you were in a horror movie?