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Where do you pee in the cinema? 2022-12-30
When you go to the cinema to watch a film, where do you pee?
Trainspotting v. The Basketball Diaries 2006-09-19
Two very different films about two groups of heroin-addicted friends.
L.A. Confidential vs. The Departed 2007-09-01
Two of the most highly acclaimed cop dramas in the last twenty years. Pick your favorite.
Batman Movies 1989-2012 2010-08-28
The Ultimate Batman Movie Poll
The Best Death Scene 2011-04-01
Out of the options listed below, please select what you think would be the best death/torture sce...
2017 Methane Movie Awards Special Mid-Year Poll 2017-07-12
Since we have just crossed the midpoint of the year, I have decided to make a special poll highli...
Jason vs. Michael Myers 2004-12-08
The showdown between two of the baddest bad guys!!
Marvel Fan Casting (MCU) 2016-06-08
I list of Marvel characters an actors I think should play them.
Horror Character Battles 2006-08-31
All your Favorite Horror Movie Characters Are about to face off, who will win!
Hottest Harry Potter Girl (boys only) 2007-07-22
This poll is to decide who the boys think is the hottest harry potter girl is.
harry potter fights 2008-03-01
harry potter ha
What was your favourite movies from 2014? 2015-02-09
Favourite movies of 2014
Godfather vs Scarface 2003-11-24
Welcome, this poll is designed to answer the age-old question "Which is better, The Godfathe...
Cady and the Plastics: Mean Girls Discussion 2005-01-18
What are your opinions about the movie and the girls?
The Best Death Scene III 2010-11-19
Out of the options listed below, please select what you think would be the best death scene in a ...
Everything Harry Potter 2002-01-22
Hi! Thanks for voting in this poll!
Superheroes and Villians 2005-08-15
Various questions 'bout superheroes and their villians.
Favorite Superhero Movie 2007-05-10
Just curious as to which Superhero film you enjoy the most.
The Nanny Characters 2009-05-31
Who is your favorite character in the Nanny serie ?
Who is the most attractive Avenger? 2012-04-06
Let's find out who the most attractive member on the Avengers team is. Of course they're all attr...
Godzilla 1998 vs. Godzilla 2014 2014-06-09
Tell me what you think about the Godzilla movies made by the americans.
snuff movies 2001-04-23
what do you know about snuff movies
Harry Potter and related... stuff 2007-08-16
It's about the Harry Potter movies and books and related things.
Which Harry Potter character do you like best? 2010-01-14
Are you Harry Potter mad, just like me? Have you watched every single film, listened to every sin...
3 Ninjas kick balls! 2011-06-23
<img src="http://www.stargalaxy.com/sgimg.php?id=544d555c5954544540421311776378637d60676b...