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If you were in a horror movie, would you live or die? 2004-11-13
Would you rather live or die if you were in a horror movie?
James Bond 2004-12-26
Vote on your favorite characters, movies, actors, and anything else associated with James Bond!
Star Trek and Star Wars 2005-07-08
A poll about the two greatest sci-fi franchises ever created: Star Trek and Star Wars! Please pos...
Belle from "Beauty and the Beast" in her lingerie 2006-05-31
If Belle from "Beauty and the Beast" was in her lingerie in a cartoon or film-and this ...
bloody death scenes 2006-12-31
what kind of bloody death scene do you like most?
Bale or Keaton: The best Batman? 2007-02-13
You know what to do.
Pirates of the Caribean 2007-04-19
Who is best?
James Bond. 2007-05-21
All about James Bond.
A Clockwork Orange vs The Exorcist 2007-06-04
Two of the most controversial films of the 1970's. Both were banned in the UK for a period of tim...
Hottest Harry Potter Boy(Girls only) 2007-08-04
THis is a poll to decide who the girls think the hottest guy on harry potter is.
Pokemon Movies. 2007-12-20
An updated version of another pokemon poll. This 1 has more movies!
Harry Potter vs. Doctor Who 2008-03-31
Which one is better?
which disney chick is the best? 2008-06-22
we all identified with the chicks in disney films...which one do you think is the best?
Disney catfights rd #2 2008-07-30
Kim Possible vs Jane (tarzan)
The ultimate James Bond 007 poll 2009-12-12
The ultimate James Bond 007 poll
Deathly Hallows Part 2 2011-10-10
A poll about the most anticipated Harry Potter film that finally completes the film series. Conta...
Star Wars Character Tournament - Round 1 2013-03-19
Who is your favorite Star Wars character? It's Light Side vs Dark Side. Pick whoever you like bet...
James Bond Poll. 2013-05-13
James Bond Poll.
Best Picture 2014-03-07
Which one should have won the Oscar?
Michael Myers vs Jason Voorhees 2014-08-05
who would win? and let me know why...share your knowledge.
Which Sarah Michelle Gellar Project is your favorite 2015-11-30
Which Sarah Michelle Gellar Project is your favorite
The Ultimate Star Wars Classic Trilogy Poll 2001-10-16
This it The Ultimate Star Wars Classic Trilogy Poll! This is all about Star Wars Classic Trilogy!
Actress vs. Actress (movie) 2001-11-09
Which is better between the match-ups
Harry Potter Character Poll 2001-12-20
I just wanted to know which characters you like better and which ones you think will 'get togethe...
Harry Potter Questions 2002-04-09