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Top 3 scariest horror movies that hold up today 2002-09-13
For real horror fans Top 3 scariest horror movies that scare you even as an Adult (please check ...
Horror Movie Polls 2002-12-16
This is a poll about different aspect of horror movies.
Superhero Movies 2003-01-05
Movies about Superheroes & Superheroines generate much interest. Who would you like to see on...
Newsies 2003-05-07
What do you like best in "Star Wars?" 2003-05-30
I am a "Star Wars" fan who would like to see what fellow Jedi enjoy most.
Michael vs Freddy vs Jason 2003-06-15
Who do you think will come out on top??
The Ultimate Disney Poll 2003-10-28
Yeah, who can resist all those good ole Disney classics? However, as the name implies, this is a ...
HP hottie? 2003-10-28
So have you ever noticed that in the harry potter movies, there's quite a few good-looking actors...
The Harry Potter Poll 2004-01-20
We're all aware of the Harry Potter hype. I want to know what you think of the little wizard that...
Favorite bond actor 2004-07-16
Who's ur favorite james bond actor?
BIG Character fight 2004-08-05
Who would win in this fight
A Lord of the Rings Quiz 2004-11-11
Just testing your knowledge, but the answers are on the message boards for this poll if you'd lik...
Movie Villains Showdown Round 1 2004-12-22
The first round in a series of polls, in which the voters decide the outcome of the ultimate movi...
Wizard of Oz Poll 2005-01-09
For all your burning questions.
The Ultimate James Bond poll 2005-01-18
Here, you will ask several question on what you like about James Bond 007
A poll by a star wars fan for star wars fans
Neo vs. Anakin 2005-06-13
Who wins in a battle of the death?
STAR WARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2005-06-20
Star Wars, Star Wars STAR WARS!!!
Movie vs Movie 2005-10-01
I'm gonna see who likes a movie more than an other movie
nightmare on elm street poll!!! 2005-12-13
This poll gives you a chance to vote your faivorite kills and thrills of freddy krueger
Favorite Mean Girls From Teen Movie 2006-02-13
Choose Your Favorite Mean Girl From Teen Movies
World Scariest Movies 2006-02-16
The World's Most Creepiest, Disturbing, and Spine-Chilling Movies Have Finally Been Released Thro...
Star Wars Battle Royale 2006-08-09
Jedi or Sith? Separtists or Rebels? Good or Evil?
Favorite Bond actor? 2006-09-03
Favorite Bond Actor
Favorite Movies of a series 2006-09-19
What are your favorite movies out of these series