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HOTTEST actress 2003-06-19
whos hot?
Westerns - "Cowboys and Indians" 2003-08-02
There aren`t so many around now but for some their fascination has never ceased. If you were glue...
Batman Begins Vs. Batman'89 2005-10-20
It's pretty obvious what you have to do.
Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2003 vs Wrong Turn 2005-12-06
These two movies are quite similar so I thought I would see which one people prefer
Movies Good or Bad 2007-06-04
What is your view of the following movies?
Harry Poter Characters 2007-06-22
Between the movies and the books, you've gotta have a favorite character.
Battle Between Star Wars Characters #2 2007-07-22
The first poll I made last summer got lots of votes, so I decided to make a sequel. Here is the l...
Movie Poll 2015 2015-11-19
What's your favorite?
boys who take off shoes or misbehave at the movies or cinema 2017-07-05
this is a poll for boys (or fathers of boys) who like to take off their shoes and/or misbehave at...
Who's The Best Actor Of All Time??? 2002-03-27
Who do you think is the BEST actor???
Italian Exploitation Screen Sirens 2002-05-23
The Italian cinema is known for its bevy of voluptuous bombshells , here are some RedHot mamas.
Male Nudity in Movies 2004-08-16
This is just a poll about male nudity in the movies.
Harry Potter battle: Good vs. Evil 2008-01-31
Bellatrix, Rabastan, Rodolphus, Barty Crouch Junior, and Voldemort are battling against Harry, Ro...
The Best Death Scene 2012-06-08
Using the options below, what do you think would make the best death scene?
The Wizard of Oz vs Alice in Wonderland 2013-09-16
Two book/movie series with much in common.
Star Wars vs Star trek 2014-06-13
There has been an argument for decades about this, and I mean decades. I wish to end this fight t...
Actors and Actresses IMDB poll 2002-07-07
A poll about actors and actresses and IMDB board of the same name.
Harry Potter Characters 2003-01-02
Which HP character would YOU want to be?
Adam Sandler vs Jim Carrey vs Mike Myers 2005-12-06
Who is the funniest
Star Wars Poll 2007-05-18
star war stuff
Ultimate poll!
James Bond 2013-08-29
a poll about the James Bond film series
Hottest Female Celeb 2001-12-31
The Hottest Female Celeb of all
The Complete James Bond Poll [update 3-7-06] 2004-05-09
{The original and best! All other similar polls merely copy the exhaustive research I put into t...
The Karate Kid 2005-02-18
Who would win? (Aside from Mr. Miyagi since he could take em all)