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Scarlett Johansson Wrestling/ Fighting 2017-09-13
Scarlett Johansson has played the role of many highly skilled fighters, but could she defeat a ma...
What underwear do the men of Star Wars wear? 2016-06-16
The poll to end all polls, the greatest question to be answered within a galaxy far, far away, th...
Star Wars Wrestling/ Fighting 2018-10-10
Could Star Wars heroines Padme, Jyn Erso, Qi'ra or Princess Leia defeat a male in a combat? None ...
Spanking in movies 2001-08-09
In the past stars such as Doris Day, Priscilla Lane, Maureen O'Hara and Kim Darby were spanked in...
Draco vs. Hermione 2012-01-12
Two characters from the Harry Potter movies/books go at it in different competitions
Marvel vs. Dc 2017-01-12
Marvel vs. Dc
Harry Potter vs Narnia 2006-06-29
Harry Potter or Narnia.
Harry Potter tickle fights 2012-07-05
Harry gets in tickle fights with other characters
Oz vs Wonderland vs Neverland vs Narnia 2014-07-14
Four alternate worlds from classic children's literature.
Crossdressing boy 2010-01-14
Crossdressing boy
which category movie you like 2016-10-13
Picking what category movie you like better. Either comedy movies or horror movies
Pixar vs Dreamworks 2009-01-19
THE 2 powerhouses in CG Animation, but which studio creates the greater films?
Freddy Vs Jason Vs Michael Vs Leatherface 2003-08-22
Freddy Vs Jason Vs Michael Vs Leatherface
Mixed Wrestling/ Fighting the DC Extended Universe 2017-06-17
Could the Female members of the DCEU (& other DC films) defeat a male? With Gal Godot, Margot...
The Newsies Poll 2001-11-13
This movie/musical is the best of all time!!!!
Dark knight vs Dark knight Rises 2012-09-11
Which is the better overall movie Dark knight or Dark knight rises
Charlie & the Chocolate Factory(2005) VS. Willy Wonka(1971) 2005-08-08
Which movie did you like better? The 2005 movie based on the best selling book or the original mo...
Do you think SUPERMAN will return in JUSTICE LEAGUE? 2016-07-24
<img src = "https://s31.postimg.org/f9bw3qs2j/justice_league.jpg">
The Batman poll. 2006-05-10
Answer the questions.
What Harry Potter House Do You Belong In? 2016-10-23
Gryffindor: Brave and Courageous Hufflepuff: Kind and Loyal Ravenclaw: Intelligent and Studious...
Ladies Only: Have You Ever Had To Cover Someone's Mouth At The Movies? 2009-07-05
Ladies, do you ever go to the movies, only to have the experience ruined by someone who insists o...
Who is the best Harry Potter character? 2010-12-01
I'll make a youtube video on the characters with the most votes.
Oscars 2016 2016-01-15
A poll on your bets for the 2016 Oscars
2017 Methane Movie Awards Final Ballot 2017-01-29 (closed)
The nominees are set. Now it's time to choose the winners. Select the ones that you think shoul...
Michael Jackson\Elvis Presely? 2009-07-11 (closed)
Who do you think was more popular, Michael Jackson or Elvis?