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horror greats 2003-10-07
just a few questions about horror movies
Favorite Superhero movie 2003-11-27
Which of these is your favorite movie?
Harry Potter Hates 2003-12-20
His filthy mouth is always lying, He’s always ‘round someone dying, Hermione is always sighin...
Who is the greatest actor of all time? 2004-04-26
Who do you think is the greatest actor of all time?
Pirates of the Caribbean 2004-06-03
Take a poll about the BEST movie ever filmed, Pirates of the Caribbean!
Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) - Love him or Hate him? 2004-07-10
For anyone who loves Harry Potter, or Rupert Grint, or the Character Ron Weasley, this poll is fo...
Old Movies vs. New Movies 2004-09-13
Originals? Remakes? Which do you like best?
Comic Book Movie poll 2004-10-04
Comic book movies have been invading cinemas lately...
Who's YOUR worst nightmare? 2004-11-05
Which of these characters would you be most afraid to meet?
Movie Villains Showdown Round 2 2005-01-25
Round 2 of the hysterically exciting Movie Villains Showdown series of polls. Vote on, folks!
Who's Your Favorite? 2005-04-26
Tell who your FAVORITE movie personality is.
The most important moments in Star wars 2005-05-31
Several questions for the fans !
Scream Vs. I Know 2005-12-14
This poll is about Scream Vs. I Know What you Did Last Summer. There are several questions each ...
who is your favorite star wars character? 2006-02-03
I am trying to discover which star wars character is the all time favorite. please note that this...
Jurassic Park VS The lost world VS Jurassic park III 2006-02-16
Three best dinosaur movies.
Narnia (The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe) 2006-05-06
Choose ONE of your favourite charecters in The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the ...
Which 007 Actor? 2006-05-23
Who's your favorite Bond Actor?
The Lightsaber duels of Star Wars 2006-07-05
This poll is about the lightsaber duels of Star Wars. There are 16 of them in the films. Please a...
Looney Tunes 2006-07-20
Which Looney Tunes character is the best?
the great battles 2006-10-09
Who will win the following battles?
The Lord of the Rings Vs. The Chronicles of Narnia!!! 2006-10-17
A showdown between two of the world's most popular book series that have recently been adapted in...
And Hottest Indian Actress Is 2006-11-30
Poll for the hottest , the sexiest , the bootylicious of em all ...
lotr and star wars fight out 2007-01-23
who would win?
Vote for your favorite Rocky movie and your favorite Rocky opponent