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Favorite Star Wars movie 2006-06-09
What is your favorite Star Wars movie?
Batman Begins Vs. Batman & Robin 2006-12-11
I know...I know...you're thinking "what pointless poll!", but my friend insisted that I...
Who should play who in the next Batman movie 2009-08-08
Title explains it all.
The Best Death Scene! 2010-08-28
Out of the options listed below, please select whot you think would be the best death scene in a ...
Tim Burton Films 2002-04-09
This poll is dedicated to Tim Burton, one of the most artistic film directors of the USA.
Superhero Movies 2003-02-19
Like to see your favorite comic book/cartoon superheroes come to life on the silver screen? Well,...
Star Wars vs. The Matrix vs. Harry Potter vs. LOTR 2003-05-28
This poll is to see which scifi/fantasy franchise is most popular.
Favourite Movie of All Time!!!! 2006-06-06
Pick your fav movie.
Best Batman/Superman actors 2007-02-03
Who do you think did/does the best job of portraying the two greatest superheroes.
Mean Girls 2007-07-23
This si about one of my favourite movies 'Mean Girls,'
best horror films of the 70's and 80's (by year) 2007-09-27
i will create a list of horror fims from the 70's and 80's (year by year) and we will see what fi...
the vampire diaries vs. harry potter > the vampire diaries vs. harry potter 2016-11-23
which girl is stronger?
Favorite Superhero movie 2006-05-15
What's your favorite superhero movie?
Choose 7 girls & 2 boys for my new story! 2013-03-11
Choose 7 girls & 2 boys for my new story!
Marvel vs. Marvel poll 2022-12-30
Superhero Actors & Captain Action! 2002-05-12
Who were your favorite superhero characters, actors, etc.? and what were your favorite Captain Ac...
Haldir vs. Legolas 2002-06-10
I've been having this little debate ever since I saw The Lord of The Rings. Is Haldir or Legolas ...
boba fett vs legolas 2002-10-09
Lord of the rings vs Star wars. Fans from both sides, get ready. The last and final battle betwee...
Lord of the Rings vs. Matrix vs. Harry Potter vs. Spiderman 2004-05-01
Please vote
Fisherman vs Ghostface 2005-01-09
Who do you think is cooler stronger, has the best weapon etc.? You Decide!
Battle Between Star Wars Characters 2006-07-05
Who would win?
Popular Movie Series Poll(Such as LOTR,Star Wars,POTC,HP,etc 2006-08-17
I will simply ask you questions and give you choices having to do with popular movie series.
Do you love Disney movies? 2006-10-10
Please Enjoy a poll on Disney movies. :o)
Superheroes Vs Horror Movie Icons 2009-07-06
This is a poll of superheroes versus horror icons.
Team Edward or Team Jacob??? 2012-09-25
Are you team sexy vampire Edward or team smokin hot werewolf jacob?