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forskin 2009-10-23
Brit Milah fun for the whole family? 2017-02-19
<p>Do your children have any Jewish friends? What if your young son or daughter was invite...
Teen Bible College 2001-10-21
I am starting up a Bible college for teenagers (aged 13-18), which will be held on Friday nights ...
Mormonism: Obsessive Christians or Profiteers? 2008-01-21
Anyone who responds to this poll must have some knowledge of mormons and their ways. This is for ...
Former Catholics: Why have you left the Catholic church? 2014-06-30
Former Catholics: Why have you left the Catholic church?
Does God Exist? 2000-07-13
Is there really a God (or gods)? If so who is he or they?
God created Man vs. Man created God 2007-12-27
Did God creat man(Humandkind) in his (Her or it's ) image or did man (People) creat God in their ...
Religions? 2008-12-29
Answer these questions about religion(s).
What gender is God 2009-06-01
Is god a man or a woman? You pick.
Islam daughter 2004-06-07
This poll is for islam fathers
Bisexuality 2006-06-09
Christian Morals (sex, alcohol, abortion, etc) 2002-05-16
<b>Here's list of 65 questions dealing with every aspect of Christian morality. They are de...
Catholic teen girls making their First Holy cpmmunion 2016-07-22
I want to know if any catholic girls made their first communion between the ages of 13 and 17 and...
Atheism / Why are you an Atheist? 2013-09-16
Atheism / Why are you an Atheist?
Sex Segregation in Schools 2008-12-14
Sex Segregation in Schools
Christian Headcovering 2005-08-17
This is a poll for Christians about the practise of headcovering.
Christians: how far did you go before you got married? 2006-03-07
There is much talk today about how far is too far physically for Christians to go before they get...
Religious Belief 2013-09-13
A poll to assess people's religious beliefs.
Dressing of Catholic girls - only for Catholic girls! 2004-10-23
What are you allowed and what do you want to wear, Catholic girls? (If you would like to write me...
Your Moral Beliefs for Catholics ONLY 2011-04-22
This poll is for Catholics ONLY and is about your moral beliefs.
What is the Most Important Book of the Bible? 2014-04-21
What book of the Bible is the most vital for Christians today?
Deuteronomy 25: 11-12 2015-08-13
Today we have an exegesis of Deuteronomy 25: 11-12. This text is quite a strange text.
Christians do you have a sexual fantacy life? 2008-06-27
Were you taught never to think about sex? But do you anyway?
The God you want to be 2013-08-07
What type of god or deity would you like to be?
Clothing and Modesty for Christian Women 2022-12-30
Hello and welcome. This poll seeks to determine what people believe is acceptable clothing for Ch...